1. "joe is secretly a hipster" omg EXACTLY WHAT I TOUGH.

  2. fuckphan:

    new dream job: fall out boy meet and greet photographer 


  3. jackalltiimelow:

    Yesterday i met my heros, fall out boy. I went up to the signing table, and gave patrick my TTTYG copy and started explaining to Joe and him that I made them a gift. Joe seemed curious and Patrick seemed surprised that I would even give them a present.

    The present i gave was a bunch of letters fans sent to me through Tumblr and I put them all together and made it into a book. Both of them seemed so touched that I even thought of giving them something let alone make a present.

    I went down to Joe and he said “Now you gave me something to read later, thank you.” It made me smile so big.
    Next, was Andy and he didn’t say much but had a huge smile on his face.

    Last was Pete, He looked at me and I whispered “I just met you guys.”. He said “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you?” and I say “You guys are real!” and he gave his hand out and held my hand and smiled.

    For the M&G photo, I walked straight over to stand next to Joe and Andy and they seemed so pleased that I stood next to the both of them. My sister, didn’t now where to stand so Patrick took her hand and pulled her next to him. Next my Mom and Dad got in a picture and Joe goes “Oh wow looks like we have a whole family photo going on here!” and I laughed so hard that Joe looked at me with the biggest smile on his face.

    After the M&G photo, I looked at all of them and told them how much they mean to me and I love them. Pete very sincerly said “That’s awesome.”, Joe and Andy had huge smiles, and Patrick stuck his hand out and said “No, Thank you.”

    If you ever even think for a second that Fall Out Boy doesn’t care about you, you are wrong. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life. July 8th, 2014 is a day I will forever hold in my heart.


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  5. Omg, my bestie looks just like Marina


  7. Am i the only who CANT deal with this level of loveeee?

  8. Andyy always wears flip flops LMAO

  9. Behind the scenes from the last video of The Young Blood Chronicles.

  10. alone-in-the-silence:

    Andy is so adorable.

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    Let me say hes too lovely.

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